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Worship at Round Hill

Adult Choir

We now have a joy filled musical handbell choir. We are all still learning but we are praising and worshiping in a "new-to-us" unique way. We meet on Sunday evenings at 5pm and work on 1-2 songs that we will perform as specials during a future service. Contact Al Lawson for more info.

Church Pews


Our Sunday morning worship is a small mix of beloved older hymns and praise music. Beautifully accompanied by our skill pianists, and organist. Occasionally members will share their talent in leading us in a special song.


Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30am.



Adult Choir:

Our adult choir meet for rehearsals on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. We go over music for the upcoming Sunday anthem and work ahead on specials for futures weeks. Sundays we meet in the choir room about 10:15 to warm up for the service.


Children's Choir:

Our children's choir meet on Sunday evenings at 5pm to go over songs for future specials. 

Church Bells

Handbell Choir

Occasionally on a given Sunday morning, you may find long tables set up and joyful ringing bringing us into worship.


Our handbell choir meet for rehearsals on Sunday afternoons at 5pm.