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 Sundays at 10:30am 

 Sundays at 9:20am 





In-Person Guidelines

Thank you for cooperating in the past year as we have tried to follow guidelines for public gatherings! We're grateful to have been streaming LIVE for our in-person services.

  1. We worship at 10:30 in the Turner center. Seating is spaced for appropriate social distancing.

  2. ​Seating in family groups is okay; otherwise keep your distance between you and the next person. We ask for your willing cooperation in the matter.

  3. Please DO NOT come if you are sick in any fashion, be considerate of others. LIVE streaming will continue at 10:30 each week for those not able to or comfortable with returning just yet. 

  4. Refrain from embracing and shaking hands as we maintain our social distance.

  5. Entrance doors will be opened for you by greeters as you come and leave services.

  6. Offering plates will be on tables at the entrances for your tithes and offerings. Envelopes will be there also if you need one. Please leave them as your enter so the counters can begin counting during the 10:30 worship service. Online giving is also available for your convenience. Click here to tithe online.

  7. Sanitizing wipes and garbage cans will be available at all entrances for your safety.

  8. Use of bathrooms will limited to one at a time with stipulation that hands must be washed before leaving the bathroom.

  9. NO hymn books, Bibles provided or other loose items will be in the pews. Music, sermon notes and announcements, etc... will be projected on stage screen. Of course we strongly encourage you to bring your own Bible. 

  10. Please respect the concerns of others during this time knowing we won't all agree on our thoughts, but remember "at Round Hill, we do life Together"! We're in this as God's family.